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We believe that while background checks are necessary, the experience should be HUMAN as well as quick and painless for individuals and recruiters. In the New World, with increasingly mobile and contingent workforce, there’s a need for faster and more refined people information. Kredifi’s mission is to bring background screening into the personalized, modern, truly mobile, and truly global 21st century.

Headquartered at our modern offices in Milpitas, California, Kredifi boasts a global team of technology, operations, public records, and compliance experts to build a best-in-class experience for you – anywhere on any device, whatever your need may be.

Changing Paradigm – Solution For A New World

The paradigm of the employer initiating the background process is changing. We’re welcoming a world where you can screen yourself and share with others. You’re in Control.

Great team helping your teams

And we’re real people too. People driven to change the world of background screening. Change the legacy. And most importantly, change your experience. We’re driven with a mission to make things better. We are a technology company with global values, down-to-earth style, and a can-do culture. Like Yoda, we believe in the expression: “do or do not, there is no try”.

About Us

We’re for People

Background Screening sounds criminal and it shouldn’t be that way. We believe your potential hires are human and so are we. You’ll always be able to reach a real person for a conversation. Let’s talk!

About Us

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Growing fast – one employee at a time!
We have openings for hungry minds. Join us.

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