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Kredifi’s solution is designed for a new workplace, driven by fast moving and mobile workforce. Contingent staffing and hiring is on the rise and candidates today demand flexibility, speed and “click & done” experience. Kredifi’s modern day platform supports businesses of all sizes, across multiple industries – across the globe. Integrating with multiple screening providers, talent solutions and data providers, Kredifi platform simplifies setup, migration, consistency and global requirements. Keeping in mind your security and compliance needs, together with relentless focus on enhanced user experience for all your stakeholders, Kredifi solution can help you break free from legacy.

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Empowering Your Candidates

Staffing & Contingent Workforce

increasing numbers of contingent workers, staffing companies have unique ordering, reporting, and decision making needs. With Kredifi, you can track and report on your clients’ candidates with unique data elements so you can compare results and make recommendations to help meet your placement goals. And best of all, candidates help increase speed and accuracy by maintaining and tracking their past profile and reports on MyKred™ portal.

Fast-track your staffing placements by maintaining a roster of pre-screened candidates. With Kredifi you can order just the checks your client requires. Create packages from a wide variety of searches for each of your clients and job requisitions to make ordering fast and error-free.

Safety for Your Patients & Providers


If you’re in healthcare you must comply with a complex set of state and nationwide regulations and processes to avoid fines, or worse. Kredifi’s solution helps you navigate the list of verifications, sanctions checks, monitoring and more to keep your staff and patients safe and compliant. In addition we offer continuous monitoring for increased safety and compliance.

You can be confident in Kredifi’s solutions for your healthcare business covering providers and insurance organizations. With offerings in verifications, drug and substance screening, sanctions checks, and credential monitoring, Kredifi has your clinical and non-clinical staff covered. Our solution helps in the identification of health care providers who may have histories of federal or state-level disciplinary actions or disqualifications. Specially designed checks search across federal and state sanctions along with targeted state licensing and board disciplinary actions data for all 50 states exceeding best practice requirements for screening excluded parties as established by the OIG.

Enterprise Technology
Protecting Intellectual Capital - People & Technology


Technology companies and startups demand a modern and mobile experience to match that of their employers and prospective employers. Whether integrated into your HRIS or ATS or not, Kredifi’s global and mobile technology platform provides a modern digital experience for your candidates & recruiters demand. Technology geeks love it.

Kredifi’s searches help protect your people and intellectual property, as well as brand reputation with searches such as criminal records, education and employment verifications, and I-9 and E-Verify solutions. Kredifi’s searches can identify past history of theft or intellectual property violations.

Supporting Your Regulatory, Security and Compliance Needs

Financial Services

Banks and other financial institutions must contend with special compliance and regulatory requirements. Kredifi has you covered to reduce fraud and embezzlement risks as well as traditional sources of risk. Our solution helps you maintain compliance with financial services regulations as well as FCRA and other laws.

Kredifi’s comprehensive screening solutions including OFAC, Global Sanctions, Domestic and Global watch list, Federal criminal searches and more help you ensure you are compliant with local, state and federal and global financial services regulations.

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