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You need choices when it’s time to order background checks. Kredifi has the selection of searches and solutions you need, whether it’s for yourself or your growing business.

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Identity (SSN) & Eligibility (I-9)

Employee Eligibility (I-9) and Social Security Number (SSN) Validation

Confirm or verify Employee Eligibility (I-9) status as well as an individual’s Social Security Number (SSN) or unique identity - know who you’re hiring. Avoid instances of SSN fraud, or more commonly, mistakes in paperwork that could cause you trouble down the road. This could also include an address trace associated with the SSN, which is subsequently used for court record searches from relevant jurisdictions.

Ensure you’re complying with ICE and Homeland Security regulations by checking an individual’s authorization to work before hiring with our secure and legal I-9 and E-Verify solutions.

Criminal Record SEARCH

National Criminal Database Scan

Kredifi’s platform scans data from multiple sources covering millions of local, county, and federal court records, as well as sex offender registries. Together with a confirmation from the original source, this scan provides wide coverage across America.

Criminal Record SEARCH

County Criminal Record Check

Kredifi can perform this check for any or all county records - some automated and some are manual (take more time). Reports can be customized to customers’ requirement to include felony and misdemeanor cases, charges, dates, etc. Kredifi does not report dismissed cases.

Criminal Record SEARCH

State Criminal Record Check

State laws vary - some statewide searches cover all counties while others may not maintain or provide access to all of the county data. As a best practice, many customers choose to run this together with county record check.

Criminal Record SEARCH

Federal Criminal Check

For a more comprehensive criminal record check to include federal law violations, you can opt for this check together with county criminal check.

Criminal Record Checks

Sex Offender Registry Check

This check is a scan of sex offender registry across all states, and almost always requested by all customers.

Criminal Record SEARCH

Watch List Check

Kredifi offers both domestic and global watch list searches. A check can be done against US government and FBI’s most wanted list. Global watch list includes international terrorist and most wanted list.


County and Federal Civil Records Check

Federal and county civil record checks can be done to look at Superior and Municipal (also known as upper and lower courts) records. Civil cases usually involve private disputes between persons or organizations.

*Civil cases involve disputes between (usually) private parties, while criminal cases are considered acts against the city, state, county, or federal government. But some acts may result in both civil claims and criminal charges. For instance, a person may be sued for the intentional tort of assault and/or battery, but also may be arrested and charged with the crime(s) of assault and/or battery.


Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) Check

Kredifi can perform complete driving or motor vehicle records check and report on traffic violations, accidents, license status and suspensions.


Employment Verification

Kredifi offers employment verification for last three employers reporting on employment dates, title, and salary information, if available.

Profile RECORD

Education Verification

Customers can request verification of educational degree and/or professional licenses, including dates and courses of study.

Profile RECORD


Customized and designed with and for you, Kredifi can perform professional reference checks; better people information for you.


Profile and Criminal Record Checks

Kredifi’s services can cover 100+ countries and locations worldwide. No matter where your offices or candidates are located, trust Kredifi’s software and services to meet local regulations and deliver fast and accurate results.

Our global solution with multi-language support makes competing in today’s multi-national labor economy easier than ever before. Kredifi offers international criminal, employment and education checks.


Healthcare Sanctions & Exclusions

Healthcare companies have to abide by a patchwork of complex rules and regulations. Keep up with federal and state sanctions checks and monitoring with our healthcare solutions.

Screen and monitor board actions and sanctions or debarments from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and General Services Administration (GSA).


Continuous Alerts

Ongoing monitoring of your employees can help keep your workplace safe and secure. After all, people change, and a person’s background doesn’t stop changing when you hire them! Especially for high-risk industries and roles, continuous alerts can be your eyes and ears.

Kredifi’s continuous alerts keep you informed of changes you should know about, such as criminal convictions or motor vehicle accidents, or federal and state-level medical sanctions, so you can make decisions in near real-time.

Personal (Self Checks)

Personal Check - Get your KredID™

Background checks aren’t just for employers. You may want to screen yourself so that you know what others can find out about you. Kredifi is one of the only background screening providers that works for individuals and businesses alike.

Find out what kind of public records are reported to your prospective employers, landlords, or even potential suitors. Get your KredID™ and share it with people you want to. Your data - you control, you share!


Drug Check

We offer a variety of drug testing services using a nationwide network of labs and collection sites. Your candidates can find and choose a location and time that suits their schedule, making completing the drug test fast and stress-free.

You can promote a safe and drug-free workplace by choosing from saliva, urine, hair, and blood testing options for many kinds of substances.


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