FCRA Compliance For You

Kredifi doesn’t provide legal counsel but we work with a leading law firm, specializing in background screening and other employment related areas, to ensure our solutions and services are in compliance with Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requirements. We understand our clients may have their own legal counsel or may need help; we strive to make FCRA compliance easy for you.

Technology And Compliance

Kredifi’s background screening platform with rules-based engine makes it easier to comply with state laws and avoid FCRA violations. Enhanced continuously with data science and machine learning, supported by our people, Kredifi platform ensures you will always have the right compliance from your applicants.

Dispute And Compliance

Kredifi complies with regulating laws and authorities, consumer rights and protections, and training and education for employees, end-users, and consumers. We work with our law firm to ensure we are constantly updating our documents, processes, and reporting.


Summary of Rights and Disclosure
New York Correction Law Article 23-A
San Francisco The Fair Chance Ordinance (FCO)
FCRA Candidate Disclosure and Authorization
Authorization Form
California Candidate Disclosure Form (in addition to FCRA Disclosure for CA residents)
FCRA Volunteer Disclosure
FCRA Contractor Disclosure
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