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Curious about criminal searches?
Want to see what employers can see in your background check?
Don’t be a victim of identity theft, or get mixed up in erroneous criminal reporting.

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With Kredifi, now you can:

  • Upload and share transcripts, credentials, certificates, degrees, IDs, social security card, driver’s license, passport, and even health records like your Covid19 records
  • Protect yourself identity theft and erroneous criminal reporting
  • See what employers can see in your background check

Your wallet. Your data. Your future. Check for yourself here.

With Kredifi, now you can

Our approach

You’re on the go, or maybe even still at another employer. With Kredifi, completing your background check is as close as your smartphone. You’ll be able to quickly enter the data as easily as any other app, and add supporting documents or photos with a click. Your data and you control when and who gets access to this information or the screening report. Have questions or need to dispute a current report, please click below.

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Personal (Self Screening)

Want to see what potential employers, landlords, or even dates might see? Check yourself now. Get your KredID™.


Want to stand out from the crowd? Provide your own certified background check to potential employers by pre-screening.


Many, if not most, non-profits require background checks. Get to your orientation faster by supplying your own certified background check.


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Now Offering Covid-19 Tracking and Sharing

Individuals can upload and share vaccine records securely and safely Click here
Employers and other stakeholders can request vaccination records and tracking Contact us