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HR Open Standards

Kredifi makes it easy for you to customize the integration and development with global HR Open Standards (, helping you reduce costs and time to get up and running.

HR Open standards, certifications, and global network provide a competitive advantage and trusted symbol across the globe in HR Technology.

Integrate simply with ATS solutions, internal systems or other screening providers.

Key Points:

  • #1 - Faster integration, setup and time-to-action
  • #2 - Lower integration costs and smooth migration

Seamless experience for you in few hours - prebuilt or custom integration.

Integration with any application on any device.

Standards based.

Key Points:

  • #1 - Any vendor, partner or application
  • #2 - Leverage Kredifi or DIY

Integration Simplified

Kredifi’s robust API documentation and pre-configured integration means you can get the benefits of our candidate mobile-first experience without ever leaving your Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Select from one of our pre-integrated solutions, build it yourself, or let us build it for you - with ATS or any of your preferred Human Resources (HR) or custom hiring solution. Either way, you’ll have a seamless experience that makes recruiters and candidates lives simple and compliant.

ATS and HR Solutions

Kredifi works with most leading ATS & HR solutions. Using standard APIs, Kredifi offers an integration-ready platform, enabling a quick and seamless solution with just about any ATS or HR solution. Kredifi can also be extended to integrate with other screening providers. If you have a special integration requirement, our developers are available to build your custom solution in short time frames.

Integration that gets you zero to running in no time.

Works with leading ATS and HR solution providers.

Key Points:

  • #1 - Better experience for you
  • #2 - Save time and cost

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