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It’s not just employers who need to keep the people around them safe. Whether you’re involved in a non-profit working with at-risk populations, or a volunteer at school or a minor league coach, or bringing someone into your home, you can trust Kredifi to help keep your community safe.

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Self-Service for Volunteers Serving Your Cause


Recruiting and bringing on volunteers can be challenging enough. You need to keep your volunteers, staff, and those your mission supports safe, without making background screening be a burden. Kredifi’s thorough and cost effective background checks can be ordered by the organization or self-conducted by the volunteer and securely provided to the sponsoring organization.

Fill Vacancies With Great Tenants


Kredifi’s mobile background check solution makes it easy for tenants to complete applications on the go, and for busy property managers to keep the process moving. Ordering the services you need, like identity checks and criminal background checks is quicker and smoother, so you can welcome your new tenants home in record time. We recommend and can help get credit checks or reports directly from the prospective tenants.

Protecting Your Loved Ones

Tutoring and Care Services

You can’t take any risks with the people that enter your home. For home health, child care, and more, agencies and individuals alike can perform the checks you need to help make sure your loved ones are safe from physical, emotional, or financial harm. Order from a selection of standard home care checks that can include licensing, and criminal background checks.

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