Hiring for the Modern World 

August 31, 2021

You’re sitting at your desk, or maybe even in the pickup line at school, and suddenly realize you’re out of something at home, like detergent, batteries, dog food, or whatever else. With one click, it’s set to show up at your house from Amazon in the next day or two. You don’t have a plan for dinner, but a few taps later, you’ve got dinner for the whole family delivered to your door by UberEats 30 minutes later. Your ride to the airport shows up 5 minutes after you order a Lyft from your phone app. 

This instant gratification that we’ve built into our culture is creeping into all areas of life, and quickly taking over, and we are seeing it even in the hiring process. 

From e-commerce to gig economy and everything in between, everything is becoming faster, more mobile, and more digital. Hiring is becoming a next-day, or even a same-day practice, and new technologies have emerged to allow this to happen.

Hiring has traditionally taken 3-4 weeks on average, but that slow time-frame leads to good candidates dropping out of the race. Companies and employers are navigating how to keep up with the demand of faster hiring, and save time and money in the process! Background screening is currently one step of the hiring journey and it no longer needs to be a cumbersome and time-consuming part of that process. Aided by new technology featuring the ability to screen-and-share credentials, employers wouldn’t have to repeatedly screen the education and employment histories of their candidates, saving time and money every time! And making it a better experience for the candidate!

In fact, at the same time, individuals are demanding more control of their data and their future. By empowering them to screen themselves and share their vetted profile quickly and securely, they can get hired faster, and feel confident in the control and safety of their personal data. 

The future of background screening is bright! It’s no longer about making people go through the same scrutiny over and over again, but rather now about individuals sharing valuable information more quickly and securely than ever, for the purpose of getting a job, so that employers and candidates have more control of their time, information, and money!


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