Your People. The Prequel.

Background screening sounds like it is for criminals. If you believe People are your assets, Kredifi them instead.

People Information For You.
For The New World.

Enhancing your experience with Kredifi’s unified global platform for faster and more accurate background screenings.

ReliableBetter People Information

Your growth is driven by your people. From setup to reports, Kredifi’s proprietary technology and processes enable faster hiring decisions; you can move quickly on those top candidates.

Best In-ClassModern Technology For A New World

Kredifi’s platform was built from scratch for today’s workforce; it’s not just a veneer on old technology. It’s fast, safe, and secure solution is disrupting the legacy screening providers.

InterfaceA New Digital Experience

The first-of-its-kind portal for customers and candidates. No matter your device or location, completing forms or accessing your data is a breeze. You don’t have to make a tradeoff between convenience and security.

SupportCustomers. Candidates. Consumers.

Kredifi has solutions to support your business and individual needs. From setup to compliance to ordering, our experts can help you. And if you need us, call support and one of our Kredsters will be glad to help.

See how Kredifi makes it easy for you and your candidates.

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Join the growing ranks of companies breaking free from traditional background screening providers.

Helping you grow your business.
Faster. Simpler. Smarter.

Easy to Start and Scale.

Whether you’re screening a thousand new hires a year or a household employee, Kredifi’s scalable solution has you covered. You can be up and running in a matter of few hours, with only a few clicks.

Compliant Reports, ASAP

Compliance doesn’t have to mean scarey. Our easy-to-read background reports make your decision-making process fast and smooth. You’ll be able to onboard new hires or follow up on required FCRA notifications right away. Hire fast and grow your business!

Effortless and Intuitive For All.

Kredifi’s smart mobile experience makes filling out forms and uploading documents easy on the go. Just like the apps you use every day, snap a photo or say a command to move on to the next step.

Single Platform. Multiple Solutions.

Kredifi has solutions for consumers as well as small and enterprise businesses. Our multiple people data products have you covered around the world, in multiple languages.

Hello Easy. Goodbye Legacy.

People information and screening has never been so easy.

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