Can You Simplify Tenant Screening? Yes, You Can!

January 25, 2023
Tenant landlord background check

Background screening is just one part of the rental process, but it’s an important one! The rental process kicks off with background screening (once you find what you like)!

For tenants, it is a hurdle in eligibility that can be an added cost and can slow down the process when trying to get into a place you like. 

For landlords, it can also be a step that slows down the process, but it is critical to ensure you get quality tenants that are going to be reliable and trustworthy.  And then there are changing laws – all the time, for all the states.


You can rent smarter and give yourself the competitive edge when applying for housing by running your own background screening, and then securely sharing it as you rent. This is much more efficient, as you’re being proactive and supplying this information to the landlords, saving you both time, and possibly skipping the queue for competitive rental properties. 

If you’re applying to several places, you’ll also save tons of money by running the background check once and then sharing it with each property manager or the landlord, versus running a whole new and separate check with each application. This could make the difference in timing to give yourself the edge in securing the place you really want 

By screening and sharing yourself, like you can with Kredifi, you’ll:  

  • -Save time 
  • -Save money
  • -Be proactive 
  • -Skip the queue 
  • -Avoid redundancy
  • -Improve efficiency in the process 

Additional tip for tenants: 

Landlords are typically looking for criminal and eviction records, and many will also need your credit report. A credit report is typically sourced from one of the credit bureaus (even the background screening companies go to the same source), and they may charge you $20-40 to do so.

Did you know, you can get a free report from Equifax, Transunion, or Experian once a year at no cost to you. You can also create an account with CreditKarma for a free credit report. You can save time and money by taking the initiative to get these for yourself to have on hand to share with your potential landlord (Kredifi enables safe and secure sharing) and we can help get this verified. And just so you know, some states, counties, and cities are forbidding landlords or property managers from asking you for a credit report or your credit score for rental applications. 

Tenants, get started screening yourself here



Kredifi can help you run nearly-instant background screening so you can ensure that you get reliable and up-to-date information, and therefore good tenants in your buildings. 

By working with a modern screening company like Kredifi, you’ll ensure you’re getting information that is:

  • -Reliable 
  • -Up-to-date
  • -Nearly instant 
  • -Inexpensive 
  • -Quality 

So you can make sure you get high quality tenants in your space more quickly and easily. 

Doing background screenings a little differently and with a modern technology company like Kredifi can greatly improve the speed, reliability and cost of this important step in renting. 

Kredifi can help landlords streamline and save during the screening process. Learn more here


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