Background Screening 101

May 25, 2022
Background Check

Here’s a crash course in background screening for any company… Background screening 101, if you will.

Key observations:

  1. Many (smaller) companies don’t know they should be doing background screening and why… that is, until their clients require it for all employees, contractors, and new hires. It’s especially needed in the world of technology – whereas SOC2 or similar standards compliance is becoming a requirement more and more – and in every industry today technology is becoming a source of competitiveness and differentiation. An imperative for financial services, healthcare, and other industries as well – all about safety, security, risk management, and reputation.
  2. Most (smaller) companies don’t know much about the gamut of background checks available, and the time and cost involved. It is recommended that customers work with a compliance attorney/experts to set their policies and programs, and then select a “consultative” provider. Background screening providers should have the domain expertise, be willing to consult and provide insights into industry best practices – why, what, when, and how of background screening?- and be open about what to expect – be forewarned for example that there will be third party costs that can be 2-3x of the basic price quoted to you.
  3. Many select the cheapest solution… and there are a few things to watch out for in that regard. Be diligent about compliance with global, federal, and local rules and regulations, do not take shortcuts, etc. Also, going the cheaper route might mean that you miss out on quality; it’s not worth cutting corners to save a few pennies. Look at quality, speed, cost, and customer service. Also consider the level of automation, strength of the technology, and effectiveness of candidate experience as they are important parts of the equation as well.
  4. Very little, if anything, has been done by the employers, educational institutions, or community at large to bring about broader awareness of background screening. This is becoming very critical with the growth of contingent workforce and individuals becoming the focal point of the workforce ecosystem. In many ways, the new laws and regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, and state laws limiting information availability and usage are also enabling individuals to own and manage their information – front and center.

Here at Kredifi, as we work with small to mid-sized businesses, tech startups, and startups in general, we prioritize safety, security, and compliance, as well as transparency and experience for both candidates and our customers alike.

In addition to the workplace, and because everything is online now, it’s important to check for who individuals are offline as well – in their circles and communities.

Social sites should do screenings as a good practice for safety – particularly dating sites, and other such social sites facilitating interaction among people..

Finally, background screening is also a big step in keeping communities at large safe. Requesting background checks for employment or tenancy is commonplace, but it would also be appropriate for nannies, tutors, teachers, dog walkers, and the like – people who are coming into your home and spending time around your family members.

It’s time for all of us as individuals to proactively evangelize background screening for the sake of safety and well-being of the community.


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