The 5 S’s for Your Screening Business – Technology Matters!

September 29, 2022
5 s's screening business

Here are the 5 S’s that you should consider (and insist upon!) for your background screening technology platform:

  1. Savings: Save with a predictable fixed subscription fee, rather than per-transaction billing. Benefit from automation and increase your bottom line. 
  2. Security: Security breaches are happening more frequently today – how well can old technology withstand hacks? How many band-aids does it take to enhance security? 
  3. Speed: From customer set-up to reports to revenue, from performance to scalability, from support to solutions and integration – make sure it’s working for you. Better speed equals faster growth.  
  4. Support: Customer support is critical for customer satisfaction and retention. Can your technology solution alert support teams? 
  5. Stakeholders: Do you have a choice of working with multiple vendors, data solutions, etc.? Do your customers have a choice? It’s all about an enhanced choice and experience for all.

The economic impact of a solution is always bigger than the competitive features. 

With a state-of-the-art, highly automated platform, as well as competitive subscription pricing, Kredifi helps you focus on revenue growth without the cost implications of the volume of checks, software integration, maintenance, upgrades, and security. If you’re stressed and frustrated with transaction-based pricing, unpredictable costs, and complicated invoices, Kredifi welcomes you to a world of simplicity!


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